Preview: Absolut wild tea

And again, we heard something at the grapevine.

This time it’s about a new permanent taste of ABSOLUT VODKA, which might be added to the large program. It might be sure that the new edition will be similar to one of the ABSOLUT city editions, maybe like ABSOLUT BOSTON (tastes like elderflower with black tea). The big success of the ABSOLUT BOSTON might be the reason why the ABSOLUT company has made a decision of a worldwide release of a sort called: ABSOLUT WILD TEA. You can be sure that this bottle will also be a very beautiful example. Similar to the ABSOLUT BERRI ACAI it will be a crystal clear bottle with dark-blue fruits and yellow leafs on the backside (unfortunately I wasn’t yet able to find out which plant it is). The special thing is that the printed backside can be viewed from the front side, similar to the ABSOLUT BROOKLYN edition.

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