Absolut Acryl Summer

This release is a limited edition, which appeared only in Germany. This is a ‘Second Skin’, which differs a little from the recent Second Skins. First, it is a clear ‘second skin’ this time, on the other hand, this Second Skin  is screwed on the floor to remove the bottle and not  folded apart like the recent.

The Acrylic Summer has the same layout like the Summer, which was released two years ago in England (and in a slightly different version as ‘Attraction’, also in France). The 2010 edition of the Summer is available in four different flavors: Blue, Citron, Kurant and Vanilia. The four different tastes differ only on a small sticker on the bottom of the skin, where the flavor is printed, but not in the design of the shell itself.

More pictures:

Absolut 72 bian

Absolute 72 Bian (the word ‘bian’ means transformation in Chinese) is the first limited edition bottle designed solely for the Chinese market. The new bottle is designed by young Chinese pop artist Gao Yu, and it refers to the Monkey King folklore. In the story, the Monkey King is able to transform into 72 shapes.

ABSOLUT also worked with leading-edge Chinese photographer Chen Man (陈曼) to produce a series of avant-garde photographs to compliment Gao Yu’s bottle re-design and extend the brand’s “Transformations” campaign theme.

Here’s what Gao Yu had to say the creative process:
“The traditional Chinese folk story of the Monkey King and the character of Sun Wukong lives on with all of us into adulthood. The story’s bold, powerful, innovative, and unrestrained ideas have inspired many generations to realize their imaginations and fantasies. The Monkey King’s ability for “72 Transformations” is a perfect example of innovation through change. In designing this limited edition bottle, I used a panda to play Sun Wukong since it’s a strong symbol of traditional China, but also because it fits with ABSOLUT’s constantly changing and evolving brand philosophy.”

And Chen Man:
“I hope through this series of images I created for the campaign that I’m able to bring viewers and consumers a totally new experience that starts from seeing the product and ends with tasting it. I also hope to highlight ABSOLUT Vodka’s multiple flavors in a compelling way, and help show the brand’s modern, audacious, and innovative spirit.”

This new edition is limited to 350.000 pieces. The content of the bottle is the normal Absolut blue 40%

Absolut ‘Art of sharing’

Absolut vodka is all about sharing (oh, and selling booze). And its latest artistic collaboration is with internationally renowned urban artists Stephen Powers from New York and Chiho Aoshima from Tokyo, who have created four limited edition graffiti-ish pitchers.

“Absolut has always had a great interest in and a passion for artistic expressions and popular culture. We are extremely grateful for our collaboration in inviting people to experience the ABSOLUT art of sharing, our universal idea of sharing art, food, drinks and experiences,” says Rachel Morrison, Absolut brand manager in New Zealand.

As warm weather arises, pitcher drinks become a staple of any outdoor activity. Here are a few pointers to make pitcher drinks as fresh and neat as possible:


4 Parts ABSOLUT Vodka	 2 Parts ABSOLUT Vodka	    2 Parts ABSOLUT Vodka   3 Parts ABSOLUT Vodka
1 Part Raspberry Liqueur 1 Part Lime Juice	    1 Part Lemon Juice	    1 Part Lemon Juice
2 Parts Lemon Juice	 1 Part Simple Syrup	    1 Part Simple Syrup	    1 Part Simple Syrup
2 Parts Simple Syrup	 1 Part Passion Fruit Juice 1 Part Grapefruit Juice 5 Parts Ice Tea
4–6 Parts Lemon Soda	 1 Part Soda Water	    2 Parts Club Soda	    3–4 Mint Sprigs
4–6 Lemon Wedges	 Fresh Ginger to taste	    2–4 Lemon Wedges
                                                    2–4 Grapefruit Wedges

So far i know about these countries where this release will be sold: UK, GR, US and New Zeeland

These following different types of releases i know so far:

The 4 designs in 700ml (in the UK, GR and New Zealand) three of the original designs as 1000ml (in the US) and one different desgin in France (with tag)

More fotos:

Absolut vodka + 2 minis (Germany 2010)

In May 2010 should have a skin released called ‘The night would never end’ But there have been troubles with the production of this case.

Giftpack + 2 minis

Because tehre have been already leaked too much info about a release in May we got this nice giftpack.

It’s a normal blue 700ml bottles + a mini Citron and a mini Kurant.

It’s a nice colorful package and we sure are happy about every release.

More foto:

Absolut brooklyn limited edition #4 cities series

Absolut vodka has always taken a unique approach to marketing. They’ve collaborated with icons such as Helmut Newton and Andy Warhol and now the brand has tapped Spike Lee to interpret ABSOLUT in his own way. He is known for creating films outside the normative Hollywood machine.

Spike Lee, the acclaimed director of When the Levees Broke, has created ABSOLUT BROOKLYN, a limited edition flavor. It’s a blend of red apple and ginger flavors and is meant to capture the vibrancy and uniqueness of Brooklyn and the creativity it inspires. 

This bottle is the 4th bottle in the limited ABSOLUT cities series. At first absolut brought the ‘New Orleans’ in the year 2006 to the market  then the ‘Los Angeles’ followed in 2008. The next limited edtion city release was then the ‘Boston’ 2009. 

The first two bottles of limited cities series (New Orleans and Los Angeles) were produced in the size of 750ml. The last two (Boston and Brooklyn) were produced in the size of 1000ml. 

The ABSOLUTELY Brooklyn is a really nice bottle on which the design was printed directly onto the bottle and not on a folie. 

Last but not least, especially in this limited edition is the very special “medallion” by Lars Olsson Smith with a baseball cap. 

More photos: 

Absolut vodka limited edition wallpaper #1 and wallpaper #2

Absolut wallpaper #1 & #2

Two limited editions for the original bottle of Absolut Vodka designed by two italians one designer  Alessandro Guerriero and one architect Gio Pagani (Giovanni Pagani). Both of them had designed the famous wall during 2009, Absolut Vodka has chosen these two Absolut Wallpaper for the new editions. Unfortunately the limited editions are available only in Italy since March 2010.

This releases is limited to 90.000 peaces. It is a Absolut blue 700ml bottles with a wunderful printed folie around it.

Weitere Bilder:

Absolut vodka giftpack + 2 glasses

This giftpack ist made of white cardboard and includes a Absolut blue 700ml bottles and 2 Absolut vodka longdrinkglasses. The box has a real nice design and has the receipe for a Longdrink printed on the back of the box. The longdrink is called “ABSOLUTWILD” and is a mix of Absolut blue and Schweppes wild berry.



Absolut 100 Philipp Plein limited edition


Philipp Plein ABsolut 100

ABSOLUT 100 is the name of the high-proof masterpiece from the Swedish town Ahus. It is the only vodka of the ABSOLUT family which has a black bottle with a 50% alcohol content. Its outer appearance does not leave any doubts about its exclusiveness. But this was not enough.
Now the internationally famous designer Philipp Plein is making it ABSOLUTELY unique. Altogether, he has designed 100 bottles of ABSOLUTE 100 and in doing this he gives it a very personal touch. The bottles, which feature CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements, were exclusively issued in Austria and will be available in the middle of February in the monobrand store of the internationally successful designer.

I was one of the fortunate who could buy one of these beautiful bottles. Unfortunately, it is not in perfect condition, but it’s a unique bottle so i’m very happy i got one.
At first I was a little skeptical about whether the bottle has something to do with ABSOLUT, or whether only one artist has tried to embellish the already beautiful bottle. After some browsing on the net I found the above text as a press text on the Pernod Ricard website. It is really an official release and I’m really very proud to call this my own bottle.

If you have questions about this bottle just write me a mail:


Absolut Original with trial pears 5cl

There is a new gift pack out in the UK

This time it is a transparent “second skin” for a standard 700ml bottle of Absolut Blue. The clue of this giftpack is the pears 5cl bottle at the bottom of the package. I like the idea really very much. Once again it is very well done and  I am really looking forward to include this package into my collection.