Following its long-standing tradition of introducing cutting edge designs, Absolut is proud to present Absolut Originality. This elegant limited collection features four million individually designed bottles, each made into a one-of-a-kind work of art with a drop of cobalt blue infused into the molten glass during production.

Absolut OriginalityAbsolut has always experimented with new techniques and gone off the beaten track to develop innovative and artistic products. Following last year’s spectacular launch of Absolut Unique, the journey continued in order to find a daring new concept for the next limited edition. The ambition was to capture the soul of Absolut, expressing creativity and quality as its cornerstones – and the experiments paid off.

“Absolut Originality presents our iconic bottle in its most classy form to date,” says Mathias Westphal, Global Brand Director at Absolut. “We took inspiration from traditional Swedish glass craft, and made it available to the world. When we watched a drop of cobalt sink into the hot glass the first time, we didn’t know what it would look like. But the very first bottle looked amazing, and what started as a playful experiment ended up as four million one-of-a-kind pieces of art.”

Releasing a drop of cobalt blue into the glass only takes a millisecond. It’s added just as the molten glass goes into the mould at 1100°C. At that temperature, the cobalt is invisible, but as the glass cools off, a beautiful and unique blue infusion appears inside the glass of each bottle. “The streak of cobalt forms a sophisticated contrast to the crystal clear glass, and the blue colour makes each bottle unmistakably Absolut. This classy remake celebrates the original thinking that has always been the Absolut creed and pays tribute to the world’s most iconic vodka,” continues Mathias Westphal.

With Absolut Originality setting a new standard for limited editions, Absolut also raises the bar for cutting-edge mixology by introducing a series of cocktails that are perfectly in tune with one of today’s most cheerful and happening bar trends: Gourmet Junk Cocktails.

“Our new line of Gourmet Junk Cocktails are fun and unconventional, but at the same time sophisticated and carefully crafted by top mixologists,” says Miranda Dickson, Director On-Trade at Absolut. With these cocktails, we tap into a widespread affection for high-brow interpretations of low-brow consumables. Shoestring liquorice, cotton candy and icicles make great garnishes for cocktails, and serving a drink in a plastic bag or a jam jar can be seriously stylish.”

Absolut Originality will be distributed worldwide, starting in October 2013. For information on price and availability, please contact your local retailer.

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1. ABSOLUT Special Edition Day

“They are fashionable, wear the hippest outfits and are accessorized by the best known design labels: the Fashionista-Bottles by Absolut Vodka are the celebrities of the first ABSOLUT Special Edition Day, an auction in favor of the local up-and-coming fashion szene.”
As we would love to share this special evening with you, we herewith invite you to come and gaze at, auction and enjoy ABSOLUT with us.
When: Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 7 p.m.
Where: Yoshis Corner, Wollzeile 17, 1010 Vienna
We are looking forward to celebrating with you and ABSOLUT and having a great evening!
If you cannot come in person, you can also hand in your bid via email to: absolut.austria@pernod-ricard.com until Monday, June 25, midnight.”
Detailed Information about the bottles – EN:
– 4x 7l bottles (empty) „Accessoires for ABSOLUT Mode“ from Andreas Eberharter (AND_i), Martina Müller (Callisti), Barbara Habig and Marcos Valenzuela (Tiberius)
– 7x 4,5l bottles (filled with ABSOLUT) „7 Dresses for ABSOLUT Vodka“ from Anelia Peschev, Eva Poleschinski (ep_anoui), Thomas Kirchgrabner (liska), Marcel Ostertag, Martina Mülller (Callisti), Maria Oberfrank (Pitour) and Alexander Sova (Dernier Cri)
– 3x ABSOLUT Philipp Plein Edition (2x 1l filled with ABSOLUT, 1x 7l empty)
– 1x 1l ABSOLUT Mode Edition by Gareth Pugh (filled, including a exclusive gift box)
With the net profit of the event ABSOLUT Vodka supports the „Summer of Fashion“ Vienna Origins Project of Marcos Valenzuela (Tiberius). It will support a design school graduate to realize his/her first fashion collection.
Other important facts about the auction:
– From abroad, you can also hand in your bid via email (to: absolut.austria@pernod-ricard.com, or www.facebook.com/absolutvodkaaustria) until Monday, June 25, midnight; you can also bid via replacement person, who is attending the event for you.
– On the day of the event we will not accept bids anymore, please respect the deadline!
– We cannot accept bids via telephone or online bids on the evening, sorry.
– There will be the possibility to pay with credit card (online, via website)
– Sorry, the auction will be in German language only.
List of the exhibits:

Preview: Absolut wild tea

And again, we heard something at the grapevine.

This time it’s about a new permanent taste of ABSOLUT VODKA, which might be added to the large program. It might be sure that the new edition will be similar to one of the ABSOLUT city editions, maybe like ABSOLUT BOSTON (tastes like elderflower with black tea). The big success of the ABSOLUT BOSTON might be the reason why the ABSOLUT company has made a decision of a worldwide release of a sort called: ABSOLUT WILD TEA. You can be sure that this bottle will also be a very beautiful example. Similar to the ABSOLUT BERRI ACAI it will be a crystal clear bottle with dark-blue fruits and yellow leafs on the backside (unfortunately I wasn’t yet able to find out which plant it is). The special thing is that the printed backside can be viewed from the front side, similar to the ABSOLUT BROOKLYN edition.