My friends i want to invite you to s small raffle today.

The girls from  PR Austria, first of all Friederike Findler, Barbara Sprick und Petra Leitner, have been so kind and made some really nice items available for the raffle. Thank you very much again !!
After some time of reflection, how I could give away the objects, I‘ve decided to hold a little guessing game.
You can see my little piggy bank’ here. I want you to estimate how much the total amount of Euro-coins and Euro-banknotes are  in this bottle (from 1 cent coins up to 100 euro notes is everything in the bottle).



The one who did the best estimation will win the grand prize. If two or more players have tipped the same amount, then the winner will be decided by fortune.
So, now it‘s about time to tell you what you can win:

1. Price: A 7 Liter Warhol showbottle (without Vodka) 14.02.15 - 2

2. Price: One Warhol Notepad + one Warhol 700ml Box + one Absolut carrying pouch + Warhol-Sticker  14.02

3. Price: One Warhol Notepad + one Warhol 700ml Box + one Kitsch&Bitch carrying pouch + Warhol-Sticker 14.02.15 - 5

4. – 5. Price: One Warhol Notepad + one Warhol 700ml Box + Warhol-Sticker 14.02.15 - 10

6. – 9. Price: One Warhol 700ml Box + Warhol-Sticker 14.02.15 - 7

10. Price: Warhol-Sticker 14.02.15 - 12

All winners will get a set of Absolut postcards in addition


Unfortunately, I have to point out that the main price also has a disadvantage. Unfortunately, the Grand Prize winner must pay for the shipping himself (Sorry it would be to expansive for me to pay it myself). I will notify the winner and when  i received the money for shipping, I will start shipping.
I would also like to draw your attention to the fact, that I unfortunately can not pay for any shipping damage or loss. If something does not arrive completely intact, or not at all, then i‘m sorry, I can not help you. Do not worry I will give my best with packing so nothing should happen.


Here 2 photos about the content of the bottle

There have been coins with a value of 197,90 and notes with a value of 210 Euro: All together there have been 407,90 Euro in the bottle

The evaluation has brought following result:

Place Name Difference
1. Peter Wutscher 12,1
2. Maximilian Hermes 14,21
3. Falk Eckarth 21,33
4. Antonio Abatangelo 32,9
5. Hannes Dick 33,24
6. Andreas Reitter 33,54
7. Martin Gerstl 36,54
8. Philipp Kaune 36,54
9. Selcuk Yazici 36,54
10. Lasse Arvidsson 39,26

The places 7 – 9 had tipped the same amount so they where decided by fortune. The winners will be informed by email in the next days.