ABSOLUT_OZ_PACK_SHOT_1ML_FRONTAbsolut’s world map has been recently extended with the launch of the new “geo-centric” bottle created in collaboration with the recognized film director Baz Luhrmann, born in Australia. The new edition, Absolut Oz, pays tribute to the home land of this cinema guru. It is also the first bottle in the range inspired by iconic global destinations that celebrates Australia.

Mr. Luhrmann (The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge!) was deeply engaged in the process of creation of the new flavor and special cocktails. To get a deeper insight into the nature of original Absolut vodka, he travelled to Swedish home of the brand in December 2012 and met world famous spirit mixologist Johan Evers to work on the new blend together.

After multiple trials and taste experiments with various selections of ingredients the final version was created—spiced orange flavor base enhanced with spices. Along with the blend, Mr. Luhrmann also developed the recipes of four special cocktails, each dedicated to the famous beaches across Australia—The Tama-Glama, The Hells Bells Beach, The Cable Beach ‘Stairway to the Moon’ and The South Avoca Elevator.

The design of Absolut Oz features vignettes, flowers and parrots, all forming a radiating nest for a bigger O and a smaller  Z, placed in front of the first letter. The dominating colors are orange and apple green. The bottle also has a specially designed neck tag that will feature story notes, images and recipes for each of the four cocktails developed by the filmmaker.

“Absolut Oz is a distillation of the unifying truth that we are all equal under the sun,” commented Luhrmann. “While creating the drinks which feature and celebrate Absolut Oz, we reflected on that moment when the sun dips below the horizon and, as we say in the movies, the magic hour is upon us.”

The bottle will be available in one size only, 1 liter, for $54.99 for a limited period of time. The Absolut Oz edition will be launching in Australia in March.ABSOLUT_OZ_PACK_SHOT_1ML_FRONT

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