Absolut Glimmer

This year’s limited edition of the Swedish Premiumspirituose ABSOLUT for Christmas is called Absolut Glimmer.

This year it is not a case for the bottle itselfe like it was in recent years (last years’ Absolut Rock ‘, two years ago, Absolut was Masquerade’), but the bottle itself is changing for the first time in the brand history. The bottle is polished like a gem and reflects the incident light into sparkling facets. Of course, the shape of the bottle itself remained unchanged.

This limited edition will be released worldwide and in the sizes 700ml, 750ml and 1000ml and will be  available in winter of this year.

In an extensive PR campaign the brand launched a co-operation with five of the most creative designer in Germany. Esther Perbandt, Lala Berlin, Patrick Mohr, Sabrina Dehoff and Starstyling  designed a high-profile accessoriesline of Limited Edition.

“Our gift packages ABSOLUTELY ROCK, ABSOLUT MASQUERADE and ABSOLUT DISCO have now achieved cult status at our customers worldwide and are collector’s items. With this year’s limited edition ABSOLUT GLIMMER offers another highlight of the Christmas business, “says Katja Borsetzky, Marketing Manager at Pernod Ricard Germany.

The GLIMMER will be produced in a fairly high number,  just as  the Absolut Rock and Absolut Masquerade. No collector has to worry about getting this bottle for their collection.

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