Absolut Cherrykran

Hi my friends, i’m very sorry i didnt post some more news the last weeks but sorr i had no time. But finally i’m back again and can present you something new.

Today I’m very proud to present you the brand new Absolut Cherrykran. The new vodka from ABSOLUT offers the rich character of sun-ripe cherries, followed by notes of fresh white cranberry and sweet plum.

“ABSOLUT Cherrykran is something brand new in the vodka segment,” says Maxime Kouchnir, vice president of marketing for ABSOLUT.  “With ABSOLUT Cherrykran, we’ve created a unique, modern flavor that brings together the richness of cherries, a smooth hint of white cranberries and the sweetness of plum in a sophisticated spirit that’s ideal for mixing.”

The taste is fresh, fruity and smooth, with notes of ripe berries and natural sweetness. It has a warm feel, with and a long, slightly sweet finish.  ABSOLUT Cherrykran is made with all-natural ingredients and contains no sugar. The design of the bottle  is bright and poetic and i think its very well done again.

The Cherrykran will be available in the US market from 1st May and will be available in following 3 sizes: 50ml, 750ml and 1000ml

I cant wait to show you some more photos of thes nice bottle.

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