Absolut 72 bian

Absolute 72 Bian (the word ‘bian’ means transformation in Chinese) is the first limited edition bottle designed solely for the Chinese market. The new bottle is designed by young Chinese pop artist Gao Yu, and it refers to the Monkey King folklore. In the story, the Monkey King is able to transform into 72 shapes.

ABSOLUT also worked with leading-edge Chinese photographer Chen Man (陈曼) to produce a series of avant-garde photographs to compliment Gao Yu’s bottle re-design and extend the brand’s “Transformations” campaign theme.

Here’s what Gao Yu had to say the creative process:
“The traditional Chinese folk story of the Monkey King and the character of Sun Wukong lives on with all of us into adulthood. The story’s bold, powerful, innovative, and unrestrained ideas have inspired many generations to realize their imaginations and fantasies. The Monkey King’s ability for “72 Transformations” is a perfect example of innovation through change. In designing this limited edition bottle, I used a panda to play Sun Wukong since it’s a strong symbol of traditional China, but also because it fits with ABSOLUT’s constantly changing and evolving brand philosophy.”

And Chen Man:
“I hope through this series of images I created for the campaign that I’m able to bring viewers and consumers a totally new experience that starts from seeing the product and ends with tasting it. I also hope to highlight ABSOLUT Vodka’s multiple flavors in a compelling way, and help show the brand’s modern, audacious, and innovative spirit.”

This new edition is limited to 350.000 pieces. The content of the bottle is the normal Absolut blue 40%

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